Frozen Foods:  *please call us for availability
Lars Swedish meatballs 1.25 lbs $13.50
Lars Swedish potatoe sausage 1 lb (beef & pork) $12.50
Norwegian lutefisk $26
Lars Prinskorv (prince sausages) 1 lb $20
Lars Falu korv (sausage) 1.25 lbs $15

Other Foods for your Smörgåsbord:
Abbas pickled herring jars (various flavors) $7.00
Bond ost (cheese) plain/caraway 1/2 wheel 18 oz $17.00, full wheel 2.5 lbs $34
Scandinavian Farmers cheese full wheel, 2.25 lbs $34
Christmas cheese full wheel 2.25 lbs $31.50
Norwegian gjet ost (3 types of goat cheeses) $13.00, 28.50, $39.50
Lars Gothenburg sausage 2 sizes $14, $28
Kalles kaviar $7.50
Matjes herring tin $8.00
Swedish yellow peas $6.50
Norwegian potatoe lefse $7 and $10
Swedish Leksands crispbread triangle $5.50
Swedish Leksands crispbread rounds $10
Swedish Lingonberries jars (Lars, Hafi, Al Johnson,s) $7-13.50
Nordic Glögg mulling spice $18.50
Glögg bottles (Grandpa Lundquist, Al Johnson's & Saturnus) $11-13
Swedish pancake mix (Lund's, Al Johnsons, Lars) $5-7.50
Al Johnson's Golden Goat maple syrup $8.50
Swedish light and dark syrup (baking) $8
Lars Pearl sugar $6.50
Lars porridge rice $6.50
Swedish Marabou chocolate bars $5.95
Norwegian Freia milk chocolate bars $4.50
Nyåkers gingersnap cookies tin & box $14-19
Nyåkers Lemon cookies $11.00
Nyåkers Cardamon cookies $11.00
Nyåkers Oat Crisp cookies $11.00
Nordic Sweets candies (salt licorice, Swedish fish, soft raspberries, mintees etc.) $8.50 bag
And Much More!.......




Ingrid's Swedish Pancakes Recipe (Swedish Cooking at its Best, Marianne Grönwall van der Tuuk

3 eggs, 1 cup cream, 1 cup sifted all-purpose flour, 2 cups milk, 1/4 cup melted butter or margarine, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1 Tablespoon sugar
-Beat eggs and cream in a bowl, sift in flour and beat batter until smooth.  Add milk gradually, stir in melted fat, salt and sugar.  You may use a crepe pan or a plett pan.  Use Pam spray on pans.  Heat pan until hot before adding batter.  Stir batter before pouring into pan.  lift up pan and turn it around to make batter cover area and so that it is thin.  When surface starts to bubble and get dry, cut pancakes loose from sides with a knife or spatula.  Turn quickly to cook on other side until golden brown.  You may roll the larger pancake with sugar and lingonberry jam into a roll and add maple syrup if you want! 




Photos from past Swedish Days and Good Templar park events:


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